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Every day, residents of Scottsboro, AL face a slew of structural issues. When this happens, they contact Scottsboro Foundation Repair. They understand that our company is the best option for their problems.

Hire us for foundation cracks, floor and wall gaps, sagging crawl space, uneven floors, cracked exterior/interior wall, cracked stucco and soil problems. We offer concrete slab/pier and beam foundation repair, house raising/lifting, cracked wall/structural repair, basement waterproofing, basement wall repair, slab pier and helical pier installation.

Our expert contractors are insured and bonded. A member of the Chamber of Commerce, we provide lifetime transferrable warranty, financing and free estimates for home and business owners. Contact us today.

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Foundation Repair

Slab Pier Installation

House Leveling

Basement Wall Repair

Cracked Wall / Structural Repair

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Scottsboro Foundation Repair

Scottsboro Foundation Repair
Scottsboro, AL